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                                           Early Recovery - January 2012

Background: Torrential monsoon rains triggered severe flooding in Sindh Province during August 2011. These rains caused widespread breaches in the agricultural and saline water canals, particularly in the Left Bank Outfall Drain, which exacerbated flood impact in Badin and adjoining districts. The early recovery needs of the affected area called for immediate response to reach out to the communities for the restoration of their livelihoods, rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure and provide safety nets to the vulnerable population groups (mainly women). In this regard UNDP decided to mobilize existing partners under GEF Small Grants Programme that have field presence and ability to reach out to the most affected communities in Badin district.

                                               Early Recovery Target

Following Mentioned Programs/Activities/Construction/Training and Distribution were the main target of Early Recovery 2011-2012 in the Flood Affected Areas.

    • Community infrastructure and services to restore / repair

    • Donkey carts distribution

    • Construction of washing laundry pads  

    • Installations of hand pumps 

    • Shelter for women pilgrims at shrines  

    • Flood affected families will receive silos for their livelihood support

    • Play land for children

    • Seed of seasonal crops 

    • Agro-kits to farmers

    • Fertilizers to farmers

    • Solar lanterns 

    • Solar street lights 

    • Grain Storage Bins 

    • Sewing Machines 

    • Tool kits for Carpenters 

    • Tool kits for Cobblers

    • Tool kits for Blacksmith 

    • Tire puncture repair tool kits

    • Construction of Union Council Buildings and communal halls

    • Provision for Fish and Meat Market 

    • Construction of communal laundry pads for women  

    • Construction of Animal Trough

    • Repair/Reconstruction of  damaged mosques

    • Families of affected villages of will have Desi Goats (2 for each family) and sufficient nutrition in shape of milk for their livelihood support

    • Targeted 900 HHs (5,670 people) including 50% females will be provided short-term employment that generates adequate income to access sufficient food 

    • 400 to 500 infrastructure maintenance schemes related to link roads, irrigation channel, pathways, debris cleaning and other HH level infrastructure to rehabilitate

    • Youth to learn driving and get driving license.

    • Training on Mobile set repairing along with toolkit

    • Wooden mobile phone repair shop 

    • Construction of  ten waiting facilities which include two rooms along with two washrooms and one hand pump on 10 points

    • Women will be given grain bins

Community Action
Global Impact

Team work, spirit of sisterhood and communal care is promising. Our "Cash-for-Work" program for the women to repair their own houses with mud plaster and receive Rupees 339/day.

Goat and Solar Lamp distribution event - January 2012( Masood Lohar and Assistant Commissioner Badin - Mr. Hoot handing over the goats) .....................................

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