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                                Biodiversity Conservation

Scientific consensus is now generally accepted that the world is becoming less biological diverse in terms of genes, species and ecosystems and environmental degradation is rapidly taking place. This loss of biodiversity poses a global threat to the human well being, mainly because of human induced non balanced activities with the dynamics of nature. SGP activities promote the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in arid and semi-arid ecosystem, marine fresh water ecosystems, forest ecosystem, and mountain ecosystems for maintaining balance in the nature.

Biodiversity Projects are funded that support or promote the conservation and sustainable use and management of biodiversity in ecosystems (including agrobiodiversity and agroecological systems).. The operational programs are restricted to in situ conservation activities and the conservation of the genetic variability of wild relatives of domesticated species. Projects should be located in areas that contain globally significant biodiversity. Is the ecosystem or constituent species threatened or at risk? Is it a "hot spot" (areas under threat that have exceptional concentrations of species unique to the area)? Is there a significant presence of endemic species? Is the site rich in species? Does it contain habitats that are important to migratory species? Does it fall under international treaties, laws, agreements or conventions, such as the Convention on International Trade in End Projects are implemented according following GEF Operational Programmes

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